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Negative World Log #2 Let there be audio.

December 27, 2017

Oh boy this was a tough week, but a significant one. Starting with the big one.

            The game now has audio (play sfx). All the SFX come from the player character object at the time of recording. Jumping, landing, and pushing. I wanted to get an atari like sound, thank you Audacity. Depending on scheduling, and development I might want to make variations of each sfx and make sure it plays a different one each time, and not listing to the same one each time. There’s also music (play music). I’m a little torn on it. I’m a complete beginner when it comes to musical production, learning as I go. Let me know what you think of the track, there’ll be a link to the full version in the description. Next is the art section.

           The cutscene may have been already made, but wasn’t programmed in the game. This was unfamiliar territory at first, learning the video player component. It was surprising at how little time it took. Add in a skippable option, and text instructions, and now I got a template for future cutscenes. Last, but not least the polish checklist.

           The big and one was the UI buttons. Before the quit button would not register, after minutes of debugging, I just had to move it up in the hierarchy ever so little (pause). It works now. Also button animations are more seamless.

           That’ll be it for for this week, if you have any feedback or questions feel free to comment below, reach me on social media, and have yourselves a good week, and happy holidays.


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