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Negative World Log #3 Going against the wind

December 31, 2017

Welcome to this weeks Negative World game dev log, this week was focused on hazards and level design.

           The newest hazard is the wind. More of an obstacle than a hazard because it’s used to hamper the player movement. Whether it’s to push against the player, push the player toward other hazards, or just have the player consider movement when winds change direction. At the time of this writing, the winds switch between two directions. Be it up, down, left, right. Maybe I’ll spice it up in later levels with direction combinations like up, left, or left, then down. And who knows two directions may not be the limit either after some polish. Speaking of which, lets get the polish list out of the way.

           Polish list this week was very minimal in sense that one existing objects has edited, said object being the gate. The gate was an idea concepted out of spitballing half baked ideas. First iteration it was just used as a roadblock that would open after a certain jump count condition was met. Now the main variable is now coins. This in mind allows more risk vs reward situations, making the player take different paths and strategies when solving/finishing the level. Leading to some interesting ideas.




           These are the sketches of the upcoming world 2 levels. World 2 is defined by Wind, the gates, and flying spikes. I know I said one existing object was edited, but these spikes existed in project, I was just saving them for future levels. The underlying goal I want in each level is to make the player think and consider their actions (where the risk vs reward stuff kicks in). 2-4 has the wind changing direction as spikes surround the player. 2-5 (currently in the pre alpha phase) has the player considering how to go about the switchable platforms, while dodging the flying spikes. I got a lot more levels with interesting situations to get through though.

           It goes without saying that there’s a sense of joy in making new stuff after playtesting the same levels over and over again. Like the other levels however, they’ll be subjected to excessive playtesting and the excitement dries up (it’s the game developer circle of life).

           That’ll be it for this week. Any feedback or questions is always welcome. Take care of yourselves, have a good week, and happy new year.


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