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Negative World Log #4: Backstage problems

January 7, 2018

Welcome to this weeks Negative World game dev log, this week was more focused on the back end subtleties that often goes unnoticed by the untrained eye, some polish that also go unnoticed, oh and some new levels to show I guess. At least that gets noticed, so we’ll start with that.

          For new levels, two have made it past paper to ones and zeros. Level 2-6 is the first real coin challenge. Coin challenge meaning that a certain number of coins is required to finish the level. Like I said in the the last game dev log, making the player take a more dangerous path to finish the level. Really like the flying spike at the end. Level 2-7 if you allow me to be my own worst judge, is already one of my favorite levels. Just columns and trying to plan two to three move ahead. It’s extra hard if you want to get all the coins (which unlocks a harder version of the level, which will be forthcoming after building the normal levels). Now for the polish list.

         The biggest change is instead of reloading the level when dying, the player is transported to the start point of the level and the coins, score, and flying spikes as if the level was reloaded. For those unfamiliar with the ever expanding complexities of game development, reloading the level is too processor heavy. Why recreate everything when you ... revert (in a sense) states of existing objects. Now everything runs even more buttery smooth than ever. The last part of the polish is going back to the camera.

         It’s like my white whale, no matter how many times I fix it, the universe proves me wrong. Before, the camera would struggle catch up the the player when falling. I just increased the speed, and now has the player front and center. Oh and 2-5 is play testable and waiting to get outside feedback at the moment … again small victories people.

         This may not have seemed like a giant update this week, but unfortunately that’s how game development is. That’ll be it for this week. Any feedback or questions always welcome. Take care of yourselves, and have a good week.


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