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Negative World Log #5: Milestones

January 14, 2018

Welcome to this weeks Negative World game dev log, this week was a pretty hefty chunk of stuff and milestones. That’s right a landmark week.

         The big milestone is that the levels 2-9, and 2-10 have been made playtestable, meaning world 2 iteration 1 is completed. 2-9 puts a twist on the pushable object with it working against the player because of the spikes attached to it while being pushed by the wind, and the kicker is that it’s the one way up to the goal. When the goal is close, gotta get coins, then cube slips due to jumping too much. For world 2-10, like it’s world 1 counterpart is built to test the player to see what they’ve learned in this world (coin gates, the wind, and the spikes), again I love the shooting spikes.

         “As a designer, you want to explore each mechanic making sure it can be used at least 3 or 4 different ways. If it’s only got one use and you can only get one use out of it, then it’s pointless.” that’s a quote by Super Meatboy Designer Edmund Mcmillen. I took this to heart when thinking of ways to reinvent the spike, this time I gave them the switch solid, unsolid logic form the platforms. The difference is that the spikes have their own rules depending on how many spikes. One spike will work same way the division platforms do, two spikes are greater than and less than, and three spikes check if the jumps are in between two numbers. They function at the time of this recording, but there’s still some adjustments to be made. For example the numbers don’t rotate if they’re sideways. Small things like that.

         Speaking of small things, this week's polish list was half a retread of last weeks. The first iteration on the new reset system to make it easy on the processor, it reset some things but not everything. I added cubes, wind, and the flying spikes (which was tricky due to it having several steps and states) to reset. And camera issues were still popping up. As a hard and fast rule, I won’t be mentioning the cam issues unless there’s one that’s humorous or so awful and memorable.

         Side note the start screen UI is a bit more clear now that there’s a cursor, before the options would just jump out and just stop. Much better.

         That’ll be it for this packed week, as usual let me know if you have any questions or feedback. take care of yourselves and have a good week.


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