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Negative World Log #6: Options and Choices

January 21, 2018

Hello everybody, and welcome to this weeks Negative World game development log. This week was a little more on the technical side of development.


         Biggest chunk of the technical additions without a doubt is the Options Menu, a menu all about technicals. While it does work as a 1st pass, it still needs some work done. Like reading the graphics quality, anti aliasing, getting the windowed option established as true or false when the build launches windowed by default, and by far the most important, a back button … moving on.


         A significant amount of outside feedback came in for world 2, and aside from some hiccups and points with some slow pacing it’s been very positive meaning it gets previews in the overworld. Lets cover the bugs in this week's polish list.

         Polish list was pretty significant this week, most of which was from the aforementioned feedback for world 2 levels. For example there was bug where the player would slide off the platform when pushing a block as if the player was never on the platform. The wind now has a pause state before switching directions based on feedback saying it was hard to tell which direction when before it looked like it blew in both directions. With any luck it should be less confusing now. Last part of the list is the switchable spikes. I said in last week dev log that I need to make variants of the spikes so that the numbers aren't sideways and such, needless to say spikes have been made, and spikes as shall be. Oh and coins have a sound effect now.

         That’ll be it for this week, as usual let me know if you have any questions or feedback. take care of yourselves and have a good week.


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