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Negative World Log 7: Everything breaks for a moment

January 28, 2018

Hello everybody, and welcome to this weeks Negative World game development log. This week was a big one, in almost all side of development.



























On the conceptual side, world 3 levels are being concepted at the moment. As world 2 was about introducing players to the wind and gate mechanics, world 3 is about introducing variations on the existing spike obstacle. Variations include the switchable spike which are solid or unsolid depending on how many or how little jumps you have in some cases, and the most recent obstacle being the homing spike. It goes without saying that these will be in future levels so look forward to that.



On the art side, I’ve also been redoing overworld. The overworld existed months ago, but like a lot of things in development things change and get reiterated on. In this case the setting was at first a desert (like Journey), but after playtesting a level that got scrapped because making levels where going down with no consequence wasn't very fun. So, now it’s a sky setting (like Sky). The overworld, design wise still needs a lot of work in terms of clarity but hey, one step at a time right?


Speaking of which, what development would be complete without a hiccup with the prefabs and other assets. Switchable platforms were having wild, and inconsistent sine wave behaviours, and numbers don’t match past versions and screwing up the intended level design. Needless to say, I was freaking out. This lead me to pull back the version control and looking from screen to screen checking all my levels, so it’s normal now. Crisis averted.


Last and not least on to the polish list. Options menu is now operational with keyboard controls, but there is a occurrence where depending on what the selected resolution locks out some buttons. If things goes well (fingers crossed), I just need to set an array of the common 16:9 screen resolutions and that’ll be the end of it.


Moving on, the gain a jump for every 10 jumps is now here to stay and now needs some more feedback. At the time of writing, new particle system is there to show that you got a jump (improvements and playtesting feedback will be forthcoming). Last bit of polish, and most apparent, is that the ground is now black to match the main character and the rest of the art style.



That’ll be it for this packed week, as usual let me know if you have any questions or feedback. Take care of yourselves and have a good week.


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