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Negative World Log #9: Polish till mirror shine

February 11, 2018

Hello everybody, and welcome to this week's game dev log on Negative World, the game where jumps are limited. Life responsibilities hit me hard this week, so this will be very brief. I’ll try my hardest to give you all a more meaty update next week.





On the conceptual side, I’ve been drafting storyboards for future cutscenes for World 1 and 2. Not much else to say on this end aside from story details. I like making storyboards, but to state the obvious, animation is hard and time consuming. Let’s move on to the programming side.





The biggest update has been the overworld. It animates, and the cursor moves to give it a bit more feel. It’s the whole overworld as separate frames. I’m pretty sure that this wouldn’t be “right” or the most “efficient” way to do this, and I do have a feeling that this will come back to bite me later. The cursor is just a simple Sine wave pattern, nothing fancy. World 3-5 are locked at the moment due to being under construction. Regardless, the reception was more positive than I thought it was going to be. It was a morale booster to say the least. In terms of new stuff that’s it, polish list is a different story.


Polish has had a big push, so for the sake of brevity I’ll be going over these in rapid succession. Starting with, Coins are now in 1-10, 1-10 spikes and platforms adjusted for visual clarity, slightly increased the coin hitbox, the cube is heavier when falling, made step on 2-2 for clarity, moved the hero spawn point, and made the flying spike faster both in 2-4, made some more leeway for dodging flying spikes extended the starting platform in 2-5, 2-7 has more consequence, and the flag is now visible at the start of 2-8 to minimize confusion. So, yeah a lot of small little tweeks that’ll never go noticed.


That’ll be it for this week, as usual let me know if you have any questions or feedback. Take care of yourselves and have a good week.


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