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Negative World Log #10: Looks and Resolutions

February 18, 2018

Hello everybody, and welcome to this week's game dev log on Negative World, the game where jumps are limited. Ooooooh boy where to even start. I said last week that I’d try to provide a more “meaty update”, here it is. So much has been made and iterated on. For started let's start on the gameplay side.



The first few bits of world 3 are being made. World 3 is focused on the switchable spikes as the main hazard to help it differentiate it from the other worlds. It’s grey boxed at the moment meaning it’s in its first iteration and just needs some playtesting. And I know it’s not the color grey, but still.



On the art side I’ve been experimenting with some detail art to make the world's a little more varied. At the time of writing all I have is a 9 sliced window, floor/roof pattern, and a brick pattern. I’m a little unsure about these from an level perspective. For example the level being used is in world 1 which is meant to be a slum like environment in a dome. I might be worrying over nothing, let me know what you guys think. Moving on to the polish list.



For the polish list I want to thank Seppi (http://missingsentinelsoftware.com/) for playtesting and giving in depth feedback, starting with UI screen resolution bug is fixed. The screen resolutions you see are the ones available, and I had a nasty bug were windowed wouldn't be windowed. This was a reverse boolean bug. Non programmer speak false was meant to be true, and vice versa. Jumps are now icons instead of text, still working the color invert collision though. And there’s an SFX for when you have no jumps.



This last part is part polish part hindsight. Controller support is just now being implemented. To put it in the mildest sense it’s not ideal. Not from a technical point (though it needs more implementation), but from a project planning point. If a game needs controller support, implement it as close to the project's inception as possible. To conclude this point, this’s might make the project post mortem.


That’ll be it for this week, as usual let me know if you have any questions or feedback. Take care of yourselves and have a good week.


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