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Negative World Log #11: Clock's Ticking

February 26, 2018

Hello everybody, and welcome to this week's game dev log on Negative World, the game where jumps are limited. Lot, and lots of polish on the visual side in this update. There’s a good chance that this week’s going to be the first in a chain of tough weeks, we’ll get into why later. Let's get into the game though.


On the art side, just got a whole bunch art. Now the world is much more defined and varied. Big shout out to my friend Alicia Andrews for the big help (else I’d just show 1 window, the floor base, and more boring brick pattern). New art includes building sides, 5 variations of windows, clothing line, fire escape, brick pattern etc. Each of piece of art are separate prefabs, this took a lot of placing, measuring and more measuring. The setting for world 1 is a slum like city in a dome on top of a mountain above the clouds. Yeah the game’s a little abstract. The new art isn’t just decoration.


I made 3 variations of barbwire and combustion to replace most of the spikes in order to fit with the soft sci-fi setting, with animation too. Placing it was a bit of a mess, let me know how it looks, I’m my own worst judge. Now for the polish list.


There was little hiccup when jumping up to the platforms. Before it would just give the player a little more force at certain point. It wasn't big problem in the grand scheme of things, but it’s noticeable. So after some fiddling about with player positions and the platform effector, I’ve at least got it a little more seamless and smoothed out.


Then there’s the jump dots, this is still in the process of being fixed, but I got it fixed for the most part if that make any sense. Before it would stick to the opposite color, making the game borderline unplayable, resetting it didn’t help either. At least OnTriggerStay exists and got it showing the right color ninety percent of the time, like I said it’s till got some flaws here and there, but it’s a start.


Before I close the dev log I want to discuss what’s next. I said that tumultuous weeks were ahead, because March is the most hectic month or an indie developer. Postponing taxes, PAX East, spring break, Game Developers Conference, and South by Southwest. With luck I’ll get into one of them, fingers crossed. With all of this a lot is on the to do list in a short amount of time in the relative sense. To skim over, gotta reiterate on the intro cutscene with my storyboards, make the ending cutscene for world 1 also from the storyboards, invert color of the pause menu depending on background, being in some more art for the overworld controller support, and a trailer. Distractions are looking more attractive by the week.


That’ll be it for this week, as usual let me know if you have any questions or feedback. Take care of yourselves and have a good week.


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