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Negative World Log #12: Hard Truth

March 9, 2018

Hello everybody, and welcome to this week's game dev log on Negative World, the game where jumps are limited. Lots of feedback was given, due to the game being shown in public for the first time (thank you Juegos Rancheros). I’ll get into the feedback later, let’s move on to the development. Let’s start with the new stuff.


I said that I was working on the ending cutscene for world 1 from my storyboards. One sleepless night later here it is in all it’s 1 bit glory. Took awhile to get the zoom out just right, along with making everything smooth. There’s going to a lot of zoom in and zoom out shots in these cutscenes. Let me know what you think.


Controller support for both gameplay and UI has been implemented (on windows at least). Took longer than it should have, but it’s here. Can’t imagine wrestling with the unity input manager if this were a combat game. Mac version is still in development hell at the moment.


After many weeks I got the new overworld, got help with the clouds for the most part, and redid the animation. One missing piece is the black sky that makes everything have this atmosphere of the unknown. Aside from all of that. Now for the meat of this update the polish list.


When showtime is around the corner it’s nothing but polish, polish, polish. So fast as possible. Redid the pause menu to make it fit with both white and black backgrounds. After the ending cutscene it goes to the start menu for show purposes. I can toggle the UI on or off for recording purposes (not this kind of recording, but for trailer purposes). Minor level editing, and jump dots are now bigger and not noticeable when you’ve lost a jump. And an Frames Per Second counter for testing purposes.


Now the feedback I got at Juegos was that it felt good, but took awhile to figure out the mechanics, i.e. the limited jumps and math platforms. Level design is the biggest priority for next week. Along with ways to make the limited jumps more apparent and introduce the math elements earlier in the world, and with any luck will be that much more clearer and less confusing, hence the bigger jump dots and that they give visible feedback when losing a jump. Also thinking of scraping the gain an extra jump for every 10 coins you get, but we’ll see.


That’ll be it for this week, as usual let me know if you have any questions or feedback. Take care of yourselves and have a good week.


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