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The Stars Our Destination Developer Log #3: Ground Check, and Bullet Deflection

June 2, 2019

[Click here for the video version]


Hello everyone and welcome to this weeks game developer log on The Stars Our Destination, a turn-based strategy flight game. These last couple weeks were pretty hectic for me personally, so we’ll get this covered quickly.



Ground Check


I was mostly reverse engineering the subtleties of Star Fox 64’s game feel when it came to the arwing movement. First is what I like to call the "ground check", where the ship wouldn't let the player crash head on unless the player did a barrel roll. Difference here is that it smooths the ship up, but doesn't stop the players dead in their air tracks like in Star Fox (still need to get the damage part in though). It’s mostly done with a raycast and minimum Y axis limit in terms of positioning, and telling the rolling controller(which in hindsight I wished I named the Rotation Controller) to smoothly reset the values so that it isn’t jarring. I’ll probably just put the minimum Y variable into a future scriptableObject for levels. I might try to make it like star fox where it won’t let players hit the ground depending on play testing.




Bullet Deflecting


Speaking of the Barrel Roll. What is arguably the biggest mechanic in Star Fox 64 is the Barrel Roll deflecting bullets. Basically if the bullets come into contact with the barrel roll collider it’ll pick a random vector to rotate out of while turning off the bullet collider before destroying itself. It’s only in a test state right now, but in actual combat with an enemy it’ll need work like making it more visually recognizable, and maybe a bigger radius, we’ll see.




Wing Physics


This one currently a work in progress addition, wing physics. Wings take damage, ship movement is slightly altered. The wings have their own health variable and disappear when it reaches zero or less. I’ve gotten as far as the wing and altitude parts and the ship slightly rotates, I just need to make it more diagonal.



I’m sorry that this might have been a little on the brief side for what I usually present, but unfortunately that’s how life is sometimes. That’ll be it for this week, let me know if you have any questions or feedback take care of yourselves and have a good week.


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