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The Stars Our Destination Developer Log #8 Enemy Polish & More UI

July 7, 2019

[Click here for the video version]


Hello everyone and welcome to this weeks game developerlog on The Stars Our Destination, a turn-based strategy flight game. This week was better than last week, but could be better, let’s get into it.




Finally got around to this. A lot of it was small improvements. The enemy ship no longer passes through the player, it adjusts its speed to a certain point and slow down. It’ll still run into the player if they slow down to a crawl. Hopefully it should be fine.


I also added a new state to the enemy, the Somersault Recover, in Star Fox there’s a state where enemies reorient themselves after being caught in a somersault and try to get back to the players back side. Currently its just go straight and then see if they should go back to their way-points or follow the player. Still more to be done, but one thing at a time.


While implementing the two features mentioned I realized that I didn’t make a death function. The enemy would just stop mid air. So I made a placeholder particle explosion to play and the enemy will just turn off instead of being destroyed to save some memory and processing.




I’m so sick of UI navigation, hopefully it’s the last time in awhile (fingers crossed). In the last developer log I made it so that the choices were button based. That was mostly for prototype purposes, I’ve instead went a different route and added a traditional choice dialogue system.


When the player interacts with the NPC it’ll transfer it’s choices (events) to the UIHubDialogHandler.cs, and take them away when the player gets out of the interaction box. This will make it easy for me instead of hard coding every single choice/dialogue box for the entire game. The next challenge when it comes to this is to make the data for individual parts of dialogue depending on where the player is in the story. Don’t need to worry about that yet, just getting things built.


I should preface that I do not intend the system to have a “choose your own adventure” sort of options like in Mass Effect, or any of the games by the defunct Telltale Games. I just want it to function as a way to flesh out some of the characters later down the line.


Next thing to do with it is to clean up the code, as it goes with making a new system. Documentation, splitting it up into separate scripts, all of that.




On a smaller note, I polished the Mini-map. I don’t know if I ever showed the mini-map before I just had it hidden for awhile because I had to focus on other things. I just made as simple as possible with a camera above it all, with sprites only it can see.


I also made a mini-map sprite script just to keep it from rotating and looking too distorted (need to make the camera pixel perfect). It’ll also turn on in play mode because editing in edit mode can be a little distracting. Small victories.




Next is probably getting the strategy screen win and lose conditions, and redoing some of the battle music, and making hub world music. I’m getting there.


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