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The Stars Our Destination Developer Log #9 Win/Lose Conditions

July 14, 2019

[Click Here for the Video Version]


Hello everyone and welcome to this weeks game developer log on The Stars Our Destination, a turn-based strategy flight game. Finally at a pace I can feel satisfied with, but still feel I can do better. Is that the impostor syndrome talking, I don’t know. Let's get into it.




This was a long time coming. Of course it’s bare bones right now and needs some polish, point is it works. In order to win, all the enemies have to be taken out. The player loses when the enemies either reaches the mother ship, or taking out all the player pilots (working on that).


This is mostly done by editing the individual player and enemy ships collision logic and which functions they call to the manager. All it does is turn on the designated text object (animation forthcoming), and teleport to the hub world.






Before the camera would just teleport when transitioning to a ship animation like the “U turn” or the “Somersault.” It wouldn’t take into account the ship model rotation, or camera and reset back to the original rotation after the animation. Now it takes it into account and the rotation and camera adapts to it. 


In the RollingController.cs it has a few modifying variables that are in charge of rotating the ship model without rotating the parent so that the camera feels natural. Now they reset when triggering the animation.


I made it so that the camera has enum states to specific parts of the process in the same way you’d use it for an enemy AI. It allows me to have custom Lerp() and Slerp() speed so that it isn’t jarring. After many many flubs it works. 


The reason why the ship is stationary right now is that it still needs improvement when the ship is in motion. Long and short of it, it’s trying to keep up with the ship and rotation gets screwy. Thinking of having the ship slowly adjust it’s speed so that the camera can catch up.










This week in small victories is the minimap. Last week the sprite looked not too great when it was diagonal. I tried using the pixel perfect camera component, and got something like this.




After a lot of out there methods, turns out I need to up the resolution on the texture (image below) and it was just fine. Insert dunce cap down below in the comments.






Next time I hope to get the hub world music in. I’m currently looking at multiple different sources and eras in music. If you’d like more detail on that next time, let me know. That’ll be it for this week. Let me know if you have any questions or feedback, take care of yourselves and have a good week.

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