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The Stars Our Destination Developer Log #10 Camera and Bullet Polish

July 21, 2019

[Click Here for the Video Version]


Hello everyone and welcome to this weeks game developer log on The Stars Our Destination, a turn-based strategy flight game. Things have been a little hectic personally this week, so the workload lessened a bit. Forgive me that this is going to be brief. Let's get into it.




Last week there was camera smoothing worked only when the ship was stationary, now I finally got it to mostly work in motion. I did this by adding a few more variables for contextual animations in the player scriptableObject, and a little of the timeline too. Still need to make it less jittery when boosting or braking though.




This was a small addition, but it’s something I need to get done sooner or later. Having the bullets not being blocks mostly. A few particle tutorials later, and the bullets are now a collider and particle trail. Both the player and enemy bullets are color coded to make things easier now.


Also to make them closer to Star Fox, I realized that Star Fox 64 kinda had the bullets as child of the parent object for about two tenths of a second or so before detaching itself so that the bullet can look like it’s going where it’s supposed to be going. So many things when reverse engineering.




The hub world music is still forthcoming, it’s currently in the sheet music phase. The advent of new bullets had me considering making the maps smaller and more focused considering the size of both the player and enemy ship since it’s actually hard to hit the enemy. It’ll also make the encounters nice and snappy. Let me know what you think? That’ll be it for this week. Let me know if you have any questions or feedback, take care of yourselves and have a good week.


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